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What do the moon's nodes indicate:

-The North Node deals with aspirations/deep longings, also with incoming overwhelming experiences which might bring happiness, although you may be feeling you never really get close to it, and that gives insatiabele desires. It can be a very unstable placement as there is a feeling of emptiness which constantly needs to be filled. The North Node has similarities with mercury: smooth, freshness (of mind)/openmindedness, adaptability and chameleon-characteristics. Therefore the North Node in mercury's signs of dignity and exaltation (gemini/virgo/aquarius and corresponding houses 3/6/11) fits well and is favourable, also a benefic (venus/jupiter) conjunct one of the nodes is favourable (especially when the planet is UNafflicted). The North Node deals with new, fresh and unexpected experiences, new, uncovered territory and fascinations and with a smart and shrewd way of adjusting to new circumstances. There always seem outward 'objects' on which this fascination is directed to. (A planet on) the north node is like boiling lava which constantly wants to erupt out of it, so its results are unusual and disruptive, but fresh wind and a strong contact to the 'mainstream' but simultaneously UNable NOT challenging it.

-The South Node deals with detachment from aspirations, it's the basic fundament of our psychology and most natural behaviour. (It's not surprising that you guess someone's south node sign instead of their sun sign.) Whereas the north node has difficulty finding the essence of things he is chasing after, the south node knows it, but it gives an aphatic feeling of there is nothing more in life to discover. The south node is not worse than the North Node, it even shows extraordinary talents and penetrating deep and clear insight/perception (especially with conjunctions on it) but usually there are no rewards coming here as long focussing on it as the north node is not incorporated. It's like entrapment in your circumstances and fate, like feeling stuck in a swamp. South node is very much an introspective energy, difficult to be changed by outward circumstances (because of his clear and solid inner perception). Sun conjunct south node for example indicates some special individual talents and a strong will but also arrogance and a strong isolation from others and therefore not seeing others talents. Venus conjunct south node means natural tactfulness but easily stuck in harmony and smothering love, and there's a basic feel of what love means.

Famous people+countries whenever who, at the current period (UPDATE: august 17, 2012), experience a heavy North Node-period:

+people/countries/events with ANGULAR (conj/reversed/squaring) Nodal returns (UPDATE: august 17, 2012):

The Nodes in Signs

North Node in Aries - South Node in Libra

Avoid to be overly attached how well you relate to others. You are naturally inclined to be diplomatic and keep relationships in peace. You need to be in your energy, simply trust your instincts and pushing yourself. Don't avoid conflict when it's necessary. Compete in games.

North Node in Taurus - South Node in Scorpio

Avoid crisis, turmoil and too deep involvement with others. You are naturally an impenetrable psychologist and may suspect others easily of hidden motives. Learn to value what you have. Don't involve yourself in business with the wrong people. You need simplicity, stability and self-satisfaction.

North Node in Gemini - South Node in Sagittarius

Avoid self-imposing opinions and blind wisdom. Naturally you have gained a lot of wisdom and perspective in life. Don't shut yourself for open communication with others. What you need is diversity, a lot of different people to connect to. Show interest and curiosity in other people's ideas and perspective.

North Node in Cancer - South Node in Capricorn

Avoid to control yourself on all levels to find social status. You are naturally responsible and controlling. Accept that you also have feelings and weaknesses, it feels cold inside when you don't integrate them. Open your sensitivity to care for yourself and those who you feel most close to you.

North Node in Leo - South Node in Aquarius

Avoid to remain distant, unpredictable but co-responsibile from an intuitive 'source' to improve the world. Naturally you see the group needs you belong to or else you may be regarded as an outsider or rebel against them. Show enthusiasm and be self-expressive and appreciate yourself as well as others as individuals.

North Node in Virgo - South Node in Pisces

Avoid to get lost in yourself and your fantasy world and to forget everyday duties. Naturally you are a very spiritual person but you tend to be disconnected to the direct circumstances around you. Find some sense of order in your life to meet some reality touch. You've some healthy and practical work to do.

North Node in Libra - South Node in Aries

Avoid to handle your life solely alone and staying independant that you end up left behind. Naturally you're not in social niceties. Be more diplomatic in dealing with others. You need socializing and connecting with other people. Bond yourself with people with the same spirit as yourself and share more of yourself with them.

North Node in Scorpio - South Node in Taurus

Avoid stubborness and self-sufficiency. Naturally you want to make your own resources, property and comfort. Invest in your most important relationships (not necessarily financially but especially emotionally). Be involved and share more with those you can trust most. Embrace self-transformation, do self-research.

North Node in Sagittarius - South Node in Gemini

Avoid to get lost in trivial talk. Naturally you are a talker and want to discuss a lot of things with others. You may gossip but you need to be honest and let your moral speak with others. Trust your intuitive mind. You sometimes need to be free from your contact network to find broader perspective.

North Node in Capricorn - South Node in Cancer

Avoid to be controlled by moods and inner turmoil and dependance on others. Naturally you fluctuate in your moods up and down. You need to be a more constant factor. You need more common sense, integrity and solidity to meet your ambitions to follow. Follow your goals and manage your life.

North Node in Aquarius - South Node in Leo

Avoid being arrogant and egoistical childish. Naturally you are a passionate and hearty person but subjective and don't see yourself clearly enough in the bigger world. You need to operate in a bigger cause than yourself. Make cooperative efforts with people with the same goal to social improvements. Show yourself as a real friend.

North Node in Pisces - South Node in Virgo

Avoid to get stuck in routines and to expect to get everything perfect in your planning. Naturally you are analytical and critical of yourself and others and may feel stuck in your restricting reality. Work on a broader vision. Try to accept things in your life as they are and see them in a bigger picture and don't fear the unknown. Believe in the 'invisible streams' that lead you to inspiration and an emotional vibrating connection with others.

The Nodal Return

The Nodal Return, starting with the 18th birthday (Transiting Nodes back on the Natal Nodes) give special meaning towards the life-direction and aspirations, generally a good time where things flow smoothly and outward circumstances seem to help the person more than expected. It's not necessarily more focus on the North Node but in any case there's a stronger connection to ones life direction and brighter feeling of going somewhere. If at the same time outer planets conjunct the south node, the focus will be more likely on the South Node.

The Reversed Nodal Return

In the reverse nodal return period, the half-cycle nodal return, you will be thrown/delved into your natal north node but it's a great time for giving up more of the nasty south node-patterns. (It brought me back memories on the previous times I had the reversed nodes.) You're able to integrate the characteristics of your natal North Node easily now, so it deepens perspective in life but leads to confusion as the life-direction is now diverted in two ways. The natal South Node, as the natural indicator of someones unconcious psychology and past, seems burnt/lost territory and will now be examined, a lot of times by outward circumstances, so that things never can go as usual. It may turn people more inward and introspective, thats not surprising as the transiting (outwardseeking) North Node conjuncts the (essence-seeking) South Node. The themes of my past behaviour and my life-direction become now in the front. The first reversed nodal return coincides with the 9th birthday and shows the first pressure on the south node's natural, ingrained behaviour and north node's 'illusioning, promising future'. An total awareness of both node 'poles' happen. Changing (inward/outward) circumstances and different expectations and needs in life are common. There is usually a loss or a 'drifting away' in the NATAL South Node, loss of relationships/social connections (south node in libra/7), loss of creativity/warmth (south node in leo/5), loss of independancy (south node in aries/1) or loss of controlling situations, lack of functionality/structure (south node in virgo/6), so there most likely will be a focus/longing wanting back to the trusted natal South Node-patterns, but in a different approach than before. The previous aspirations (natal north node) will be cut off for the time being, as we easily attract such situations, unaware talents will be discovered and it gives new and unexpected opportunities and deep insight in the NATAL north node-territory and/or meeting the right/wrong people for a different life direction. In short: -confrontation and integration will be met with the NATAL North node -drifting away will be met with the NATAL South node

North Node Conjunctions (Orb: 10-11 degrees)

>Besides the moons nodal axis, planets conjunct the nodal axis get nodalized as well and swing along in the nodal picture and determine the mentality of the native. In general a benefic (venus/jupiter) conjunct one of the nodes is a lucky influence. Sun conjunct the north node also fits in this category as our bright star fits well on the North Node. North Node-conjunctions stress a lot of inflow of new fresh and overwhelming experiences and a lot of longings and aspirations as well as distort and enlarge the themes of the planet. Here a very short explanation:

Sun conjunct North Node: These natives have far-reaching aspirations for reaching their individual destiny, overwhelming opportunities in life, headstrong, self-absorbed but smart

Moon conjunct North Node: These natives have far-reaching aspirations for a strong foundation(roots) they can fall on and uncomplicatedness, very emotional and sensitive

Mercury conjunct North Node: These natives have far-reaching aspirations for knowledge, new ideas and being smart, distorts facts, unusual communication

Venus conjunct North Node: These natives have far-reaching aspirations for love, harmony and beauty, pleasure-seeking, falling in love at first sight

Mars conjunct North Node: These natives have far-reaching aspirations for action, competition and fire, times of repressed anger, unusual actions, unexpected violence

Jupiter conjunct North Node: These natives have far-reaching aspirations for ethical consistency and finding Faith, religious and fanatical, unusual beliefs

Saturn conjunct North Node: These natives have far-reaching aspirations for system, law and sense of duty, inclined to outer correctness, law abiding

Uranus conjunct North Node: These natives have far-reaching aspirations for reforming and collective improvements, fresh insights, leaving old systems go under

Neptune conjunct North Node: These natives have far-reaching aspirations for inspiration, innocence and merging collectively, merging with others indifferently

Pluto conjunct North Node: These natives have far-reaching aspirations for penetrating to the essence of life, understanding life-and-death, attracted to life/death-themes, lots of transformations through life

Chiron conjunct North Node: These natives have far-reaching aspirations for reaching wisdom and dealing well with lifes difficulties, pulled off to insurmountable problems

Ceres conjunct North Node: These natives have far-reaching aspirations for comfort, relaxing and joyfulness

South Node Conjunctions (Orb: 10-11 degrees)

South Node-conjunctions in general cut off aspirations but stress the most natural powers an individual has:

Sun conjunct South Node: me-first and arrogant but naturally confident, strong will and unique.

Moon conjunct South Node: emotional and moody but naturally well-rooted in their emotions and (family)past, physic abilities, uncomplicated and good instinct.

Mercury conjunct South Node: rational, superficial and chatty but naturally rational clarity and great skills with words and logic, curious and versatile.

Venus conjunct South Node: narcistic, relationship/love-sick, unreal and smooth-talking, inclined to laziness, naturally good tact, charm, civilized and ingrained sense of beauty.

Mars conjunct South Node: abrupt and conflicting, prickly and impatient but naturally active, enterprising and energetic.

Jupiter conjunct South Node: preachers, putting others upon ethics and condemnatory, naturally ethical knowledge, educators and bringers of faith.

Saturn conjunct South Node: full of seriousness, cold and heavily discouraging, naturally responsible and a steady rock, in touch with reality, burden-bearing liabilities.

Uranus conjunct South Node: eccentric, placing environment under high voltage, highly disruptive, of original nature and strong connection with 'intuitive knowledge' to social/collective improvements.

Neptune conjunct South Node: astray and dreamy and bogged in illusions, but naturally compassionate with everyone, acceptance of all life and universal oneness.

Pluto conjunct South Node: secretive, complicated and manipulative but naturally able to penetrate to the bottom of an issue and to understand and survive a heavy crisis.

Chiron conjunct South Node: a lot of bitterness, anger and sense of injustice in life, naturally a lot of wisdom and knowledge to deal with problems by having suffered them.

Ceres conjunct South Node: comfortable and lazy and uncomplicated.

Which House system

In following the transiting nodes back, KOCH house system seems always to be right. On the moment the nodes pass over one of your natal Koch house cusps, you'll notice the difference.

Mundane Astrology

USA Chart (July 4, 1776, 5:10PM, Pennsylvania state)

Why I favour the sagittarius rising chart above the gemini (and scorpio) rising chart:

It's easy to think of the USA as a gemini country to support a gemini rising chart, I won't argue these characteristics, the dividedness in the country, the apparent 'keeping all options open', that's basically mars in gemini CLOSE on the angles, particularization of his own personal actions, mars in gemini actions are based on logic and can be founded with strong arguments, however gemini is not concerned with measuring his actions in a social-religious context, so to speak. If you exclude the angles, there are no planets in sagittarius for any time on the 4th of July and 2 planets of Gemini. In short, what I believe what people see in the gemini rising chart is basically mars in gemini on the angles which is in the Sibly chart also present. The way of self-presentation and the image of the typical american is not electrifying, unpredictable, expected with an uranus rising, more wild, religious, moralistic, dogmatic, honest and adventurous, however, it's not stressed because there are no planets in the 1st house/sag and the Gemini descendant is loaded with mars and venus + Uranus(in gemini = free speech) in close 60/120 aspect to the nodes gives the Uranian vibe in the chart, coupled with the aquarius moon and south node (so the Uranus presence is already quite prominent). The Gemini rising chart has no historical evidence and doesn't ring a bell. The moon in 27 degrees aquarius is not really afflicted by the 135 and 150-aspect to the sun and mercury, the moon here is dispositor of these planets which fall in the sign of cancer. There is a mutual reception between the moon inconjunct mercury (the moon is in mercury's exaltation sign and mercury is in the moon's dignity sign.) which shows a very practical and clear-headed mind.

The ultimate goal for growth in the U.S. is not accumulating more wealth (north node in 2 + north node ruler sun in 2) but self-discovery and developing character(north node in 8 + north node ruler sun in 8). The other side is that pluto in capricorn in 2 (control, compulsive materialism) on the south node with ruler saturn in 10 in Libra, the U.S. want to hold fair amount of responsibility in the world and bring justice (10th house).

Women have a good position in the U.S., gemini-rising supporters argumentate that's due to moon conjunction on the Midheaven in Aquarius, but what do you expect: All that cancer and a beautiful UNafflicted venus blossoming in the angular 7th house + the moon only in aspect with planets she disposits, in the sag rising chart. The cancer-stellium is all the more important because the north node-ruler is in it.

If this USA chart is valid, at least well-known american-born persons with planets on it, should relate to the U.S. Midheaven in 1 degrees Libra. The midheaven sign is important, it's an indication about the things you're most outspoken about in public and what you relate to success in your life, in libra that is by socially mingling and showing a likeable, polished personality to the world. Here's a pic of people who all have planets on the USA's Libra Midheaven, I just put 2 pics for each person. They either have a triple conjunction or a sun/moon conjunct a moon's node conjunction right after the 10th house cusp of the USA. The primary reason that I use the 1 degrees Libra Midheaven to test and not the Sagittarius Rising is that the Midheaven is unique to this chart and other charts for the 4th of July don't share these angles (except for supporters for the strange libra/saturn rising).


Bill Clinton, Dirk Benedict, Hillary Duff, Fran Drescher, Will Smith, Phil Jackson, Ross Thomas, Owen Wilson

Makes a lot of sense to me.

Unaspected Nodal Axis

When there are no angular aspects (conjunctions/oppositions/squares) to the nodes, things in life wont stir up that much. Nodal conjunctions on the other hand increase dissatisfaction and turbulence with life although I don't recommend that as a rule of thumb, as the nodes can be very positively channeled. A lot of problems in terms of growth and leaving behind are not the main themes without angular aspects on them. This type is generally more basic and grounded. These people in general are a lot less complicated.

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